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March 5th, 2019

Ever get to the place where you have zero f*cks left? Imagine arriving at the place where you are actually in charge of the mind-fuckery that is online dating.  (A girl can dream!) Guests Misha and James both have their heads supremely squared on their shoulders and have spent some time figuring out how this dating game can be conquered, if only with just a little bit of mind mastery.  


Join us on this exceptionally enlightening episode of #single that has us talking about why dating apps are flawed (and why you're doing them wrong), thinking of dating as "gathering data" and manifesting your perfect partner.  After all, there's nothing stronger than an Alpha woman who knows she's in control. :)


February 19th, 2019

Toxic Masculinity.  That's a phrase that's been almost everywhere recently, dontcha think?  The airing of the controversial Gillette commercial last month challenged men's and boys' behavior in our society by asking viewers to think a bit harder about the tagline "the best a man can get."


But what the hell IS "masculinity" actually, especially as it relates to dating?  What is it that attracts (or repels) women (and men) to men?  On today's queer episode Jeanette interviews Shoshanna, who is attracted to both men and women, about what she looks for in both genders.  If you're curious to know each of them acts/ reacts differently in our online dating culture, you'll enjoy hearing Shoshanna's perspective on dating both.  As we get clearer on defining masculine behavior, we also weigh in with Ari, a gay man and self-ascribed member of the "Gaytriarchy", to talk about his struggles with men in the app and social media climate.  


If you curious about what how the idea of masculinity contributes to our laws of attraction, listen in to this super interesting exploration.  Enjoy!


January 8th, 2019

Happy Tuesday, singles!  This new episode is a bit of a break from our other episodes in that we talk mostly about a book -- hold on, hear us out.  Jeanette talks to Jackie, a single New York woman on the brink of turning 40 and confronted with all the issues of what that exactly means if she is not married, in a relationship, and does not have children.... and doesn't exactly plan on having those things any time soon.  Jackie found her experience reflected in memoir "No One Tells You This" by Glynnis MacNicol, and what follows is two awesome badass single ladies talking about all the feelings that come up when we read a book about being "other" in a married, family-based society.


If any of this relates to you, regardless of age, we think you'll really like this honest, funny, poignant conversation about admitting the challenges and the surprises that come with living a single life.


December 17th, 2018

In episode 5 of #single, we speak with Diane, an aspiring theater director who is navigating millennial dating on the cusp of turning 30 and has just come out to her parents..... as pansexual.


Just what is pansexuality?  It's okay if (like us) you're a little vague on what this label exactly means.  Then again, why do we have to define ourselves anyway?  Can't we just love who we love and you can shut up about it??  Okay, sorry, we just got a little carried away there.


Join us as we chat with Diane about discovering her true sexuality, letting her parents in on that discovery, and whether or not there's less crappy app behavior when you're pan.  


December 4th, 2018

Ever wonder what exactly it is that men and women are expecting on a first date (hint:  it's not naked time) (don't pretend your mind didn't go there!)??


In October, #single was invited to the bonnie mountains of Vermont as part of its inaugural Podcast Competition of Independent TV Festival (ITVFest). Part of that honor meant recording an episode of our show while at the festival in the ITVFest podcast booth.  So Jeanette invited two sexy and single filmmakers/ content creators, Caris and Jonathan, to join her in talking about what's really got their goat about trying to find a special person online.


And while it was clear from the get-go that everyone has different expectations, together we landed on a concept that it seems we all want- that is, we want to be chosen for who we are, and we want someone to be excited to meet us.  We want that first date to be intentional.  


Happy intentional dating, y'all.


November 20th, 2018

In episode 3 of #single, we speak with Tonya, a highly successful advertising executive in New York City.


We discuss dating in our 40s and how it is oh so different from our 20s and 30s, not giving up on the idea of family (a partner with kids, adoption, etc), connecting with people in REAL LIFE instead of endless swiping #exhausting, and the dreaded surprise “set-up” from friends.


Dave, this episodes’ Voice of the Patriarchy, asks a great question about how women may feel about dating a certain type of partner, also joins us.


Take a listen to hear all the juicy details and let us know your thoughts!


November 6th, 2018

This episode is super special as we recorded it live in NYC at our launch party event last month.  To celebrate the introduction of #single into the podcast universe we threw a fundraiser event at a champagne speakeasy with flash tattoos and a killer raffle.  The headliner was a very special guest visiting from LA, Miss Daliya Karnofsky.  


Daliya is both a personal dating coach and successful concierge with Matchmakers in the City.  Traci & I interviewed her about the themes that constantly show up in her coaching with her clients, and then opened it up to a Q&A with our event attendees.


We talk about the theory of dating in numbers, how there must always be a masculine vs. feminine energy on a date (and in a relationship) and the lost art of flirting.  You don't want to miss Daliya's #1 tip for a successful first date - and trust us, it's something you're probably not doing.


Hope you enjoy this special live recording.  And let us know if you want us to hook you up with Daliya - she's always looking for new singles!


October 23rd, 2018

Meet your hosts Jeanette & Traci!


For our very first episode we thought we'd introduce ourselves to you, tell you a little bit where we're at in our dating history, and admit a coupla things that really get our goat.  Do we address unsolicited dick pics in our very first episode?  . . . Yup.  Yup, we do.  


A little note about the Voice of the Patriarchy.  In case you didn't listen to our trailer (we know, you're short on time, you wanted to get to the juicy stuff), let us explain.  It was important to us from the start that our podcast featured conversations with smart, strong, single women.  And then we realized that guys needed to be included in the conversation too. Because it is a conversation – not a bitch fest, gossip session, man-bashing support group - and how do we grow as a society if we’re not talking together about why this isn’t working. So we invited some single guys to share their thoughts & opinions. But what kind of feminist podcast would we be if we didn’t acknowledge that men have been running these conversations for far too long?? So in the immortal words of the great Maxine Waters we’re “reclaiming our time” by giving our male guests five minutes to share their thoughts at the end of every episode. We refer to these guests as the Voice of Patriarchy – for fun (it’s just a feminist joke) - but please note that their opinions, like ours, are their own, and don’t belong to all mankind.



#single Trailer: Why’d We Make This Thing Anyway?

October 23rd, 2018

Hello & welcome to #single!  We're so glad you're here.  

The idea for this podcast came about because Jeanette (single for ten years, #notashamed) was writing posts on Facebook to voice her frustrations around dating - laughably awful dates, being stood up, trashy inbox messages and pictures, etc - and would finish each post with hashtag “single” –a bit of an ironic joke at the end and also summed everything up nicely. You’d be surprised at the way people will rally around bad dating stories! The comment “You should write a book!” kept coming up.


Flash forward to 2018. Traci, newly single and coming out of a long-term relationship, was looking for a way to talk about the challenges of re-entering the online dating scene after having been away from it for several years.


We’d done improv together for many years and one night over drinks we decided it was time, now more than ever, that women’s voices need to be heard. The intersection of feminism and dating was a podcast we were just itching to make, and one we think the world is ready to hear.  We made this trailer so listeners would get a better idea of what we're trying to achieve with this podcast.  It's not just for straight women, or women at all really, but because we're in a time where we feel it is important to raise up the female voice, it does prioritize and focus on women's stories & frustrations.  Listen in if you'd like to get a sense of why we made this - or just dive right in to Episode 1!


Thanks for joining in on the conversation!


Jeanette & Traci

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