Hashtag Single


May 7, 2019

This month we are celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage Month with an incredibly deep conversation with two Asian-American New Yorkers, Cindy and David, about the influence one's cultural heritage has on their attraction to people of certain ethnicities.


Ever contemplate the mechanics of desire?  Why it is that you're attracted to people of one race or another?  Following up on two other podcasts that explore this topic, Escape from Plan A (Ep. 75: Analyzing NPR Invisibilia's Podcast On Racial Attraction) and NPR's Invisibilia (A Very Offensive Rom-Com), we dive into unearthing why it's important to find a partner with the same cultural values, based both on current struggles and the history of systemic racism in America.


If it sounds intense -- it IS!  But this is #single, y'all and we never take ourselves too seriously.  We hope you approach this ep with an open mind and some curiosity around how people of different cultures can learn to find some common ground in this dating game we call love.  Because after all, everyone hates a "Hey" message.  :) 



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