Hashtag Single


September 10, 2019

OKAY ladies, hands up - who owns a drill?  You better all have your hands up because home improvement while single is NO JOKE.  And as my guest Emily and I exchange some rather entertaining anecdotes of attempting to do a two-person job just on your lonesome, we realized one very important thing:  that when you're a woman, accomplishment of any particular challenging physical job becomes in a way a sort of challenge.  As in, "Oh I'm supposed to have someone in my life do this for me?!  Watch this, Society!!  F U Patriarchy!!" {{enter obscene finger/ arm gestures, if needed}}


Shoe cabinet/ bed assembly aside, we agree there's things in life that are simply easier when shared by others.  Such as dishes, and cleaning, and decision making, and pizza making, so that when some a**hole asks you just how big of a sausage you like, you can tell them to go F themselves.   Which really we should all be doing anyway.  VOP Tom chimes in to share his perception on why men just can't help but make lewd remarks every bleeping time they message you.  You won't wanna miss this one - it gets preeeeetty dark, but we bet you'll never think about dating apps the same way again.  Or pizza.


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