Hashtag Single


January 14, 2020

Hey ladies: Ever stay on a date an hour longer than you wanted to because you "felt bad" leaving early?  Ever go on a date you didn't really want to go on because you couldn't figure out how to get out of it?  Ever talk to a persistent pursuer on the subway or in a cab in a way that you thought was a polite turn down but he just didn't pick up on?


As women, a lot of us have been there.  Is it because at some point along the way we must have been taught to be polite and not hurt someone's feelings?  Or do we innately act a certain way to prevent a threatening response from the other person?  My guest Liz and I wonder why it is that as women we just can't seem to find the words to remove ourselves properly from these situations.  


And don't even get us going on showing up in a crappy T-shirt with a Monster drink or commenting on how large our ass is or telling us that he really doesn't care if you're successful. . . !!  Liz and I trade horror stories of badly behaved men who just can't seem to pick up on our social cues, while VOP Walker pipes in about why men prefer dogs over cats (and pets over women).  


Gotta horror story to share?  We'd love to hear them!  Happy 2020 y'all. . . let's hope it gets better.