Hashtag Single


February 12, 2020

"OMG it's Valentine's Day, I should have a partner I can go out with."


"OMG I'm nearly 30, I should be getting married by now, what's wrong with me?"


"OMG I'm turning 40, I should have a baby soon or I'll be out of time."


Sound familiar?  Probably we all have some version of that nagging voice in our heads that tells us we should be settling down, or should be following a "traditional" path, or should be elsewhere in our lives romantically than we are right now.  It's hard not to compare timelines to our friends, based on what society expects of us and don't even get us started on family pressures, oof.


It's SUPER easy to let societal messages get into your head, but you know what?  As our guest Chloe reminds us, "Just because you're in a relationship does not mean you're happy.  There's so much complication that comes with being in a romantic partnership, and it's not simple.  


This episode is for those who ever wondered if they were on the wrong path, and a gentle reminder that your path is your own.  Plus, we full on bash Tinder, which is always fun. :)  Happy Valentine's Day!