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EP 29: SEX ED. . . BUT FUNNY | Raylene Taskoski

June 30, 2020

What if you had an unapologetic, informed, entrepreneurial, badass comedienne as your sex ed teacher?  Maybe you woulda listened more in high school, right?  And it mighta saved you a few years of awkward, uncomfortable, and plain old bad sex too.

Raylene Taskoski is the best friend, aunt, and sex ed teacher you always wished you'd had.  She's a motivational speaker and stand-up comedian who has spoken to over 10,000 women about sex over the last decade through sex toy parties, her keynote talk "Let's Talk about Sex: the Importance of Open, Honest Discussions about Women's Sexual Health," and her comedy show Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed.  For 13 years she's educated women about how their bodies work and why they work that way, and is a true believer in the importance of lube. :)  She's on a mission to improve the sex life of as many women as possible through communication and most importantly, laughter.

Raylene joins the #single family to tell us single women that the best thing we can do for ourselves, especially right now when we're likely to be isolated from sexual interactions, is to love ourselves - in both the emotional and physical way.  Here's two of her favorite products to make that happen, as mentioned in the episode:



Wanna have a virtual sex toy party with Raylene?  Hit her up here and tell her #single sent you!



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