Hashtag Single


April 2, 2019

Ever feel like your Date-o-Meter is broken?  We do.  All. The. Time. 


Join Jeanette and guest Taylor as we analyze and dismantle the conundrum of the "Ejection Disclaimer" - an easy-out excuse that gets used when people kiiiinda still wanna hang, but also don't want to commit fully.  Wait, commitment?  Does anyone even want that anymore!?  How is it that our grandparents could meet in their hometown dance and stay married for 60 years, yet we have the entire catalogue of NYC singles in our literal pockets and no one can seem to be able to find the right person??


If you're tired of the hamster wheel of app dating that has everyone looking for A+++ and more, you'll relate to this fantastic episode with Taylor and - PLOT TWIST! - her former romantic partner Ned, repping the patriarchy.  Enjoy!

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