Hashtag Single


January 8, 2019

Happy Tuesday, singles!  This new episode is a bit of a break from our other episodes in that we talk mostly about a book -- hold on, hear us out.  Jeanette talks to Jackie, a single New York woman on the brink of turning 40 and confronted with all the issues of what that exactly means if she is not married, in a relationship, and does not have children.... and doesn't exactly plan on having those things any time soon.  Jackie found her experience reflected in memoir "No One Tells You This" by Glynnis MacNicol, and what follows is two awesome badass single ladies talking about all the feelings that come up when we read a book about being "other" in a married, family-based society.


If any of this relates to you, regardless of age, we think you'll really like this honest, funny, poignant conversation about admitting the challenges and the surprises that come with living a single life.

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